Friday, October 21, 2016


How's life? Well if you are a constant reader of my blog, if you want to know more about my life, please kindly leave a comment below and say "I want more" and i will start blogging again. There's just so many things going through my mind right now and i just decided to come back and start blogging again.

Saturday, January 23, 2016


23 days after welcoming 2016, i am finally writing an update for this blog. These few months after my last post has been a hectic months i shall say. I had to concentrate on school and exams and of course, after all those hard work in school, i managed to go for some short trips with my family.

December 2015
Road trip to Kuala Lumpur with my family. It was a short 4 days 3 night trip with my big family, haha but trust me i did not quite enjoy the trip because... I DIDNT GET WHAT I WANTED AND WHERE I WANTED TO GO! I'm just going to share some picture with you guys though...

 New year's celebration this year was a little bit different from the previous years. I celebrated New Year's at Batam, with my cousin and finally, a trip that i enjoy! It's just full of massages, massages, dinner and lunch and more eating good stuff. I feel good!

That's how i am summing up this post, sorry if i really sound like im rushing because i am really rushing now while typing this post. Fret not! I'll be back soon, to update this blog on my trip soon okay! 

Monday, November 30, 2015

Legoland Waterpark Malaysia Trip

I have never ever been to Legoland before and so i finally did, two weekends ago with my favourite bunch. Since some of them have been to Legoland before and they said that the theme park was more for the kids than the adults, we decided to go to the waterpark instead. We booked our 2 way transport and tickets to Legoland Waterpark through WTS Travel, you can head to their website here. ( 

2 Way Transport + Legoland Water park tickets at $72

It was an early Saturday morning for me as i had to wake up at 0530am and head down to Singapore Flyer, where the bus will fetch us to Legoland. We had some tiny breakfast from 7 Eleven and waited for our tickets and our bus left the place for Legoland around 9-9.30am? Our journey from Singapore Flyer to Legoland was around 1 hour and a half? Cleared the customs(thank god it wasn't busy) and we finally reached Legoland at 11am. 

Just like any other tourist, we took some pictures at the "oh so popular spot" the entrance of LEGOLAND! After which, we had a proper breakfast at KFC and it was time for us to enter the Legoland Waterpark itself. And as always, yours truly, can never resist taking photos with all this Lego figurines, in front of the hotel, haha. 

 YAY! Another pictures of us in front of the big logo of the waterpark! Once we entered the park, we changed and head down to the pool! We started off with the lazy river and what we did was relax and play around with the lego that is floating around the water. After two rounds around the lazy river, we decided to try the slides and chill by the wave pool before we rest and relax again in the lazy river. Thank god for GoPro, we managed to capture some good moments while swimming and of course, there will be a video at the end of this post so yes, let the picture do the talking now...

(A picture with our mini creation with lego blocks, Thank you to the photographers around the pool for capturing this moment for us.)

After a good 4 hours dipping ourselves in the pool, it was time for us to wash up and shop at the Lego Souvenir Store, have dinner and head back home. I went a little bit crazy for the Lego Keychains and i bought one for myself, sister and my mum and oh, a water bottle for my sister. Lol, now that i'm writing this post, i should have gotten more of the keychain. We had our early dinner at Secret Recipe and it was a good dinner indeed! We had to be back at the bus pick up point by 6pm. The bus drove us all the way back to Singapore and dropped us at BIGBOX in Jurong East so it was a long train ride home for me as i stay in the east side so yes, it was indeed a great trip again with my lovely bunch. I kind of think that i have a name for our group, its called #GAYABEBAS (internal joke) haha.

Anyway, it is nearly the end of this post, what i can say about this trip is that....hmmm, it was alright for the waterpark, out of 10, i would rate it 8/10 mainly because  i kind of feel that Adventure Cove is still the best but you know what? The company for this trip made it better in every single way! Since its the holiday season, if you want to bring your family or kids for a short trip, i will recommend you to visit Legoland and Waterpark(if you havent) and oh, maybe try to stay a night or two at the hotel because it looks so cute from the outside, well at least for me! 

Alright, we have come to the end of the post and as usual, thank you Legoland Waterpark for the awesome experience! 

Thank you to my awesome bunch for making this trip a wonderful and fun one! 

And as promised, here's the video! 

Love, Athirah. 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Bali Bali Bali! - Part 2

Continuation from my previous post.

Bali Day 2 

We started our day early on day 2 in Bali. We went to bed at 12am and woke up at 3am the same morning. Wondering why we had to wake up at 3am in the morning? The reason was because we had to drive up to Lovina Beach which is at the other end of Bali to see the dolphins....during the sunrise! 
The journey took us about 2 and a half hours so we reached Lovina Beach exactly at 5.30am and the weather at Lovina Beach was extremely cold! I just don't get it man! It's so hot during the day but during the night time, it's damn cold but whatever it is, i loved the weather in Bali! 

 Just take a look at the beautiful sunrise while we were on the boat to see the dolphins at Lovina Beach. This is by far the most beautiful sunrise i've EVER seen in my entire life and i'm not lying about this. Extremely beautiful! 

 What we were told by our guide on the boat was that, the dolphins will only appear during sunrise and on certain days, the dolphins will come closely to the boats and we can touch them but sadly, during the time i was there, the dolphins were a little bit too afraid of the boat engines. We got to see the dolphins just that they were like 5-10m away from us but aww the dolphins are so cute and it was my first time seeing a real natural ocean dolphin so yeah, haha excuse me.

This activity ended around 9.30 and it was just nice for our next trip up the waterfall and hot springs. We drove up for another half and hour and we went to this beautiful hot springs in one of the village. It is the Banjar Hot Springs and ugh, again, i must say EVERYTHING that has got to do with nature in Bali is god damn gorgeous!

 After visiting the hot springs we had to travel another 10 minutes down the road for the waterfall. I can't remember what's the name of the waterfall but i tagged it on my location area in Instagram so if you wanna find out, head on to my Instagram - aaaths. Okay, back to this...We had to walk down for the waterfall and what i was told is that we were on top of a hill and the temperature was like 23 degrees so it was a nice cooling walk to the waterfall. After 15 minutes, we were welcomed by the beautiful and tall(or should i say long) waterfall! It was majestically beautiful i just can't describe my feelings the minute i stepped my foot on the waterfall area.

We spent quite sometime near the waterfall and captured lots of photos and videos (i will link down below.) After a good 15 to 20 minutes at the waterfall area, it was time to proceed back to our hotel and so we had to climb up back to the starting point and OMG! It took me 15 minutes to walk down to the waterfall but it definitely took me longer to climb back to the top! It was indeed a good workout for me that morning. I was too tired the minute we got back to our car and the journey back to our hotel was 3 hours - the traffic in Bali is extremely busy but i like the way they drive in Bali. Its like you can just hon to the car in front of you and they'll make way for you. Try doing that in Singapore? You'll get f*** up man! Haha.

We spend the rest of the afternoon catching up with our sleep in our room and head out to Discovery Mall which is just 5 minutes walk away from our hotel and had A&W for dinner, walked around to do some shopping and we headed to Kuta Beach to see the sunset! After walking around Kuta Beach, we head down to Lippo Mall and i went to do a little bit of shopping at Hurley and Matahari. We head back to our room and rest for the day because Day 3 is gonna get exciting as we did the water activities like Parasailing, Jetski, Banana Boat and Flying Fish. If you wanna know more about my Day 3 in Bali, keep coming back to my blog and you will get to read it as soon as possible!

For the video that i v-logged, it is linked to my Youtube Channel so you can watch it here!

See you in my next post! 
Love, Aths! 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Bali Bali Bali!

When was the last time that i get to sit and blog about amazing stuff? Months ago i guess? Haha. Anyway, in today's post, i'm going to blog about my holiday trip to Bali one week ago. I've just started out with a new series on my Youtube Channel called "Take Me To (countries that i'm going). This series will be used for vlogs that i'll be doing during my holiday trips so that i can upload more videos on my Youtube Channel. As for the very first part of the series, i actually decided to film most of my time in Bali last week. There will be five parts to this Take Me To Bali post because if i were to fit in all five parts into one is gonna be so lengthy and you guys will be bored by then! Lets start!

We planned for this trip back in late July this year. We actually had a lot of obstacles to go through to finalise the destination. The reason is because when we first started the planning, some of us aren't sure if we can make it or not or we can save as much money when the time comes. One of the biggest challenge that we faced in finalising the destination is that one of the volcanos in Indonesia was going to erupt soon so all flights that are travelling to and from Bali had to be cancelled. We booked our flight with Jetstar Airways and as days goes by, one by one, the flights to Bali get cancelled but thankfully, about two week later, the volcano erupted and everything was all fine. Meaning, our trip wont get affected! Thank god!

Since we do not want to waste any time in Bali and wanted the trip to be as productive as possible, we took the earliest flight to Bali by Jetstar. The flight was from 0405am-0645am on 25th of September 2015.  By the time we cleared the customs in Bali, it was already around 7.30am in the morning. 

Our hotel, Grand Ixora Resort, which is located in Kuta is around 10 minutes drive from the airport. We went to our hotel to check if our room was ready or not, unfortunately it wasn't so we decided to leave all our luggages at the reception and start with our activities! We had breakfast at one of the stalls around the street and we had Nasi Padang. I ate maggi noodles instead because rice was just too heavy for me that morning, haha. After breakfast, we drove up to Kintamani Volcano. The total journey up was about 2 and a half hours, including the traffic jams and whatnots. First stop, we visited the Tegalalang Rice Padi Plantation/Field. 

The view from the top was so amazing. The temperature at the top was soooo good that i kept on saying "omg if the temperature in Kuta is like this, i dont want to go home at all. Haha!" We then head on to Kopi Luwak Plantation and had a spread of hot and different types of Balinese Coffee. There was Lemon Tea, Ginger Tea, Cinnamon Tea, Chocolate Coffee, Vanilla Coffee and the famous Balinese cofee, Luwak Coffee. What exactly is Luwak Coffee? Google it for yourself! I had a love and hate relationship with that coffee! Loved it because of the sweet smelling aroma of the coffee, bad because of the powdered coffee that isn't filtered out hence when i drank that coffee, it feels like i have one big lump of sand coming down my throat! Yuck! But, i eventually bought one of the Chocolate coffee from the shop to bring home and drink! 

We had lunch at one of the restaurant opposite Kintamani Volcano and the view from the restaurant was just... MAJESTIC! I was in awe all the time! As this is my first time experiencing all these beautiful natural landscapes while travelling, i just couldn't concentrate on my food and all i wanted to do was to just take photos of the beautiful landmark. 

 Mount Batur - we actually wanted to hike that mountain during the planning of our trip but we decided not to because of the recent volcano eruption at Mount Raung. We decided not to take the risk but i wish i could hike that beautiful active volcano one day.

The view at the top was just too amazing plus the cold weather, makes everything so perfect. Perfect for selfies and group photos! Its a must to come and have your lunch here. No regrets! After a heavy buffet lunch, we drove back down to Kuta and it was time to check in to our rooms! Our hotel is located near Kuta Beach, Discovery Shopping Mall, Lippo Mall and the airport. So it was damn easy to move and get around! 

We had a 2 hours rest because the last sleep that all of us had was about 24 hours ago. Yes, i did not sleep before the trip! We ended off our day one by having dinner at one of the local Ayam Penyet restaurant that our driver drove us too and the food was good that i did not manage to capture any photos because i was just too hungry to do so! Heh (: After dinner, we went to the grocery store and bought drinks, cup noodles to stock up in the mini bar in our room. That's the end of day 1! 

Stay tune for the second part of this post as i travel and adventure more things in Bali! As for now, enjoy reading this post and watch the vlog that i did in Bali here!